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Based in Madrid since 2017, Daniel Juárez is a renowned saxophonist, composer and educator. He released his first album "Caminos" as a band leader in 2014, showing great skills on tenor sax, as well as in the field of composition and arrangements. He is always committed to composing new original music that mixes jazz with styles as diverse as pop, hip-hop, odd meters, ballads, electronica, free and contemporary music. His innovative vision of music makes him one of the most outstanding artists in Europe.


Studied his bachelor's degree at Musikene (Donostia, Spain). Later on, he went to the Netherlands to study his master's degree at the Prins Claus Conservatory, during which he completed an exchange with Queens College. He would live for six months in New York City, where he recorded his second album "Neuronal Odd World", released in 2017. Afterwards he returns to Spain and releases "Tales From Some Of Those Lands" in 2019. And more recently he recorded live his latest album, "Energía - Live", released on November 11th (2022) with the label ΠΚmusic, leaded by the well-known double bass player Petros Klampanis.


He played with artists such as Adam Nussbaum, Dave Liebman, Rhonda Ross, Michael Moore, Rodney Kendrick, Kevin Hays, Jerry González, Alina Engibaryan, Marc Miralta, Owen Hart Jr., Kurt Weiss, Perico Sambeat, Roberto Pistolesi, Guillermo McGill, Miron Rafajlovic, among others.

​Nowadays he combines his activity between concerts as a professional musician, and teaching Jazz & modern Music saxophone, big band and improvisation lessons at Alfonso X El Sabio University (UAX) in Madrid, Spain.​​


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More Discography

Produced music in 8 BIT format:

2018 - 8 BIT / Hyper Simple Ideas

2018 - 8 BIT / Second Round


2019 - 8 BIT / Dimensions


2020 - 8 BIT / Euskal Suite


2009 - Stop Daydreaming (Jo-Jazz Quartet)

2012 - N.A.J.C. (The North Atlantic Jazz Connection)

2014 - Element To Evasion (The North Atlantic Jazz Connection)

2015 - Seminal Jazz (Seminal Jazz)

2015 - Bidaia (Garob Band)

2016 - Newface (Garob Band)

2016 - 1290 Prospect Place (The Machetazo)

2019 - A Vision In A Dream (The Machetazo)

2022 - Searching Hard (The Machetazo)


2013 - Neruda/Ahijado (Javier Ahijado, songwriter)

2014 - Skytrain Live At Cafe Central, Madrid (Mariano Díaz & Joaquín Chacón)

2015 - Unexpected Paths (Reunion Big Band - Feat. Perico Sambeat)

2015 - Cycle (Isaac del Pozo)

2016 - Paramates (Jorge Castañeda)

2017 - From Zolder To Warhol (Ernesto Larcher 5tet - Feat. Kurt Weiss)

2017 - Memories (Aarón Castrillo 5tet)

2020 - Distancia (Rodrigo Almonte 5tet - feat. Michael Moore & Rogerio Boccato)

2021 - Open Lands And Moving People (Roberto Pistolesi).

2021 - Ernesto Larcher & The Hateful Three (to be released).

2021 - Paths Unfold In The Dark (Sean Clapis 4tet)

2022 - Through the Darkness (Quique Ramírez - feat. David Binney & Viktorija Pilatovic)

2022 - Botánica (Abe Rábade - "Seeds 5tet")

2023 - Way Out (Cristian Letelier 5tet)

2023 - Euterpe (Quique Ramírez) - to be released


2008 - Azul y Grande (Javier Ahijado, songwriter)

2010 - La Espalda del Agua (E.P. - Javier Ahijado, songwriter)

2011 - Adicciones (No Reply)

2011 - Satierismos (Afrodisian Orchestra & Miguel Blanco)

2011 - Somos Cëltiber (Cëltiber Band)

2013 - Doble Aire (E.P. - Javier DLC songwriter)

2014 - Aprende Inglés con Canciones de Película (Rachelle Bentley & Richard Vaughan)

2014 - A Tribute to the Fort Apache Band (Jerry González & Miguel Blanco)

2015 - Tan Imposible Marea (Nito Pinilla)

2016 - The Red Capa (Jesús Caparrós)

2016 - Who Programs You (Laura de Rover)

2017 - Luna Azul (Alma de Jazz)

2017 - Reverso (Javier DLC, songwriter)

2018 - There Will Always Be Glorious Birds (Marcos García, songwriter)

2020 - Nublo (Amber Window)

2022 - Intuición (Yuss Cawa)


2022 - Derroteros (Arturo Pueyo)

2023 - Amaría (single - Ander Yarza)

2023 - Soltar (single - Nikkito)



Photos & art design: Teresa Jiménez.

Spontaneous Sketch -- Daniel Juárez // Energía·Live (ΠΚmusic)
You Said My Eyes Could Speak -- Daniel Juárez / Feat. Alina Engibaryan


OCTOBER 5th - Sean Clapis 4tet: "Paths Unfold" - Club Matador (Madrid, Spain)

OCTOBER 22th - Pablo Martín Caminero 5tet (Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain)

- - - - - - - -

NOVEMBER 4th - Rodrigo Almonte 5tet: CD tour "Distancia" - Arthur's Jazz Club (Dublin, Ireland)

NOVEMBER 10th - Rodrigo Almonte 5tet: CD tour "Distancia" (Belfast, North Ireland)

NOVEMBER 11th - Rodrigo Almonte 5tet: CD tour "Distancia" - Kildare Jazz Festival (Ireland)

NOVEMBER 12th - Rodrigo Almonte 5tet: CD tour "Distancia" - Principal Theater (Dublin, Ireland)

NOVEMBER 17th - Sean Clapis 4tet: "Paths Unfold" - Ciclo Jazz en los Clubs - Café El Despertar (Madrid, España)

NOVEMBER 24th - Quique Ramírez 4tet: "Through the Darkness" - Jimmy Glass Festival (Valencia, España)






Booking Inquiries:

(+34) 663 567 550

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