“Music is a pure and direct way of expression, a language covering the full spectrum of emotions without the need of a single word… we try to speak through this idiom, improvising, shaping the rhythm and melodies in order to generate a dialogue with sense, different and special in every occasion. The elements from which we learn are our influences, born from Jazz, and that today get extended and identified with many other musical genres; definitely, this is reflected in our compositions and way of playing. Music is in constant change, as well as our eagerness for experimenting, from which we learn; this process gives birth to new sounds and ways of expression that (re)shape our current musical language” – Daniel Juárez.

Daniel Juárez was born in 1992, in Talavera de la Reina (Spain). His father showed him the music of Jazz, Latin Jazz and Jazz Fusión from the early age of 4. He started playing sax when at 10, in the local music school ''Escuela Municipal de Música y Danza Eusebio Rubalcaba''. After a few years he goes to Madrid where he studies piano, harmony and Big Band ensemble at ''Escuela de Música Creativa''. In 2011 he starts his studies to get the Bachelor of Music degree in the modality of Saxophone Interpretation in Jazz, at the Conservatory of Music of Basque Country ''Musikene'' (in the province of Gipuzkoa, Spain), finishing with outstanding marks in 2015. After, he starts his Master of Music degree at Prince Claus Conservatorie (Groningen, The Netherlands) where in the 2nd year he made an exchange with Queens College of Music, in N.Y.C. , during a semester. In 2017 he finishes his Master degree. He currently lives in Madrid (Spain), and go touring often around Europe. He took lessons from the great saxofonists: Oscar Iris, Bobby Martínez, Bob Sands, Mikel Andueza, Donny McCaslin, Gary Smulyan, Michael Moore & Ben Wendel. Also from important artists and pedagogists: Dave Liebman, Will Vinson, Miguel Blanco, Guillermo McGill, German Kucich, Ari Hoenig, Justin Dicciocio, Miguel Zenón, Taylor Eisgti, Guillermo Klein, Alejandro Mingot, Andrzej Olejniczak, Mariano Díaz, Panagiotis Andreou, Steve Altenberg, Tineke Postma, among others…

He shared the music and stage with artists as:

Adam Nussbaum, Dave Liebman, Rhonda Ross, Michael Moore, Rodney Kendrick, Kevin Hays, Jerry González, Alina Engibaryan, Gadi Lehavi, Marc Miralta, Owen Hart Jr., Kurt Weiss, Perico Sambeat, Roberto Pistolesi, Makram Aboul Hosn, Bob Sands, Javier Colina, Guillermo McGill, Miguel Blanco, Bobby Martínez, Borja Barrueta, Toni Belenguer, Mariano Díaz, Albert Sanz, Carlos Martín, Javier Vercher, Félix Rossy, Samvel Sarkisyan, among others...

Always opting for the original compositions, in order to try to bring to Music something fresh and creative, in 2014 he records his first cd release Caminos. Later in 2016, during his period of living in New York City, he records his second album Neuronal Odd World. In 2019 he released his 3rd CD as a leader Tales From Some Of Those Lands, edited with Mecca Recording Studio. Nowadays he is presenting his new album in a quartet format, a live recording titled Energía - Live.

Nowadays he combines his activity as a professional musician and as an educator, teaching Jazz & modern Music saxophone and improv. lessons at the Alfonso X El Sabio University (UAX), in Madrid, Spain.

Awards & artistic recognition:

  • 2010: he wins the contest “Talavera Suena Jóven” with his own 4tet.

  • 2012: he gets the prize to best soloist in the "V contest of Jazz in Castelló" (prize granted to him by Juan Claudio Cifuentes "Cifu").

  • 2012: finalist in the V contest of "Jazz Sur l`Herve” en L'Anglet (France) with the group The North Atlantic Jazz Connection.

  • 2013: Chema García Martínez (music critic from the spanish Jazz magazine “Cuadernos de Jazz”) names him as one of the two musicians revelation in Jazz, of 2013.

  • 2015: winner of the “VI contest of Jazz in Castelló” with the group Garob Band.

  • 2016: finalist of the contest of Jazz in Olorón (France), with the group Garob Band.

  • 2017: selected to play in the dutch convention “Next Generation In Jazz”, representing Prince Claus Conservatorie.

  • 2018: he wins the second prize in the 1st edition of the national spanish contest "Juventudes Musicales de España" (with his band "Daniel Juárez Quartet").